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historical name of the town, Sarabrucca, derived from the Old High German word Brucca (in German meaning bridge, or more precisely a Corduroy road, which was also used in fords. "The Battle for Spicheren Heights". Products included iron and steel, sugar, beer, pottery, optical instruments, machinery, and construction materials. On March 9, 1999 at 4:40am, there was a bomb attack on the controversial Wehrmachtsausstellung exhibition next to Saarbrücken Castle, resulting in minor damage to the Volkshochschule building housing the exhibition and the adjoining Schlosskirche church; this attack did not cause any injuries. From the 1st century AD to the 5th century, 9 there was the Gallo-Roman settlement called vicus Saravus west of Saarbrücken's Halberg hill, 10 on the roads from Metz to Worms and from Trier to Strasbourg. The office of mayor Saarbrücken administrated the urban municipalities Saarbrücken and St Johann, and the rural municipalities Malstatt, Burbach, Brebach, and Rußhütte. 8 The area was incorporated into France for the first time in the 1680s. Arnual, Saarbrücken 19962004" (in German). John's Basilica (1754 and the famous Ludwigskirche (1775 Saarbrücken's landmark. Indem Sie eine Job-E-Mail erstellen oder die Funktion Empfohlene Jobs nutzen, stimmen Sie unseren. Machine-gun emplacement of a bunker.

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"Tzvi Avni Saarbrücker Ehrenbürger" (in German). During the Franco-Dutch War, King Louis XIV's troops burned down Saarbrücken in 1677, almost completely destroying the city such that just 8 houses remained standing. Centuries later the Stift, and in 1046 Merkingen, took on his name, giving birth to St Arnual. 20 The 274th and 275th Infantry Regiments took Spicheren on February 20, 1945. 16 The first major raid on Saarbrücken was done by 291 aircraft of the Royal Air Force on July 29, 1942, targeting industrial facilities. After having the German troops south of the Saar fall back across the Saar at night, the German defenders of Saarbrücken retreated early on March 20, 1945. To 1793 the counts of Nassau-Saarbrücken were the main local rulers. After the administrative reform of 1974, the city had a population of more than 200,000. The treaty also provided for a plebiscite, at the end of the 15-year period, to determine the territory's future status, and in 1935 more than 90 of the electorate voted for reunification with Germany, while only.8 voted for unification with France. Saarbrücken Castle, and the old part of the town, the. 89, isbn a b c d e f "Chronik von Saarbrücken" (in German). A b c "Town Twinnings".

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