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And that was when my heart broke. Truth be told, I wanted to run away from myself. First of all, I adore Black Orchid, Black Orchid Voile de Fleur and Velvet Orchid. I stubbornly refused to wash it off, but I did leave the store without purchasing. But for me, it's truly awful.

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So, trying to be positive, longevity is really good. I am just so disappointed in this fragrance, I don't even know why it bears the Orchid name as I see no similarity at all. Whatever YOU have sprayed please, please DON'T BUY IT, that IS absolutely disgusting!' Yes, really. I could definitely smell a strong resemblance to Madonna's Truth or Dare, they both stink and they both smell like an old woman. I turned round to see him recoiling in horror, pulling the worst face and saying out loud (I kid you not) 'OH MY GOD! As I stood there, with my nose screwed up almost into my eyebrows, feeling forlorn, it only got worse. My husband doesn't always approve of every perfume I wear, and I don't usually let it influence my decisions (I love Stash by SJP and he says I smell like a bloke but I wear it anyway) but this is truly the only perfume that.

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