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see him walk down the hall looking for someone going from room to room. The curse was that he would bear the reminder of his murder for eternity. One of the current residents, the son of the family, reports voices, objects moving, screams, bumps, knocks, footsteps, growls, bodiless shadows, electronics not working, candles going out, hot and cold spots, strange feelings, animals sensing something not there, strange dreams, the bed shaking, doors opening. Wolf Mansion - As the story goes. There have been police reports and arrests made from cults going up there and sacrificing goats and pigs and various other satanic ceremonies occurring. . Not long after they had been parked, they heard a strange noise outside. He was also an alcoholic. Decatur Adams County Cheese factory - This old abandoned cheese factory, has been known for its many unexplained phenomena.

Joseph 's College - spd augsburg termine Aquinas Hall - supposedly the site of an exorcism. Several people have reported sightings of the ghosts of patients who were held there against there will as to not contaminate others. The exact spot where Mikey was killed is where the auditorium is today. She had long black hair, but her hair is covering her face. Then turn south about 3 miles. Eastland Mall - At night when the mall is closed either the original owner or a security guard walks through the mall store to store. Visitors beware, people have been known to get raped and killed when visiting this site. Go over the rail road tracks and you'll come to the dead end. People have said that they see a dog run down the hall on the second floor.