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next map on Nuke as the world's number one took a 7-0 lead before Na'Vi got one on the board. The outsiders from Berlin were going through to the finals. However, Na'Vi would struggle as Astralis would easily take the second map despite s1mple's 24 kills. But if youre physically fit, you might like to climb up on one of the platforms and engage in hand-to-hand combat. However, Na'Vi was on the more favored side and after a weak buy win, Na'Vi took that momentum and shut down BIG's offense to take the series lead. The entire BIG line-up played as if they had been let off a leash, notching up point after point. Additionally, we will cover the event for you up close from the arena. "We would like to welcome our newest #C9csgo memeber, @FNS!".

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From 6th - 8th July, the Lanxess Arena will be the place to be for 15,000 fans as they cheer on 16 teams from around the world. In the real world, the third-generation DHL Parcelcopter is goldberg werk stuttgart capable of flying at speeds of up to 70kph and can deliver packages weighing up to two kilos completely autonomous anywhere within a radius of several kilometers. This makes it possible to experience a whole new dimension of gaming. Spunj comes from beautiful Australia, and his real name is Chad Burchill. The tournament will of course be broadcast on Facebook and for the first time live on German television. To the absolute delight of esports fan Markus who was especially impressed by the way the team worked together: Although Fnatic came back strongly in the second half, T never lost their cool. Several trucks were required to transport more than 100 tonnes of material, including 200 monitors and 30 giant screens. "Currently inactive with csgo, the future is uncertain and that is all guys thank you". In fact, it wasnt until the score stood at 13:0 that G2 Esports managed to get onto the board.

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