berlin wall museum bernauer strasse

the location of one of the longer preserved sections. And the fact that the Stasi people were aware who built these tunnels and even spies helped building them made it too big a risk to flee East Berlin this way. What have the Berliners made of their city since 1989? But a lot of people living in the Bernauer Strasse had family living in the same street on the West side. On the other side of the street, which belonged to West Berlin, are the Visitor Center and the Documentation Center, including a viewing platform.

Some wanted to leave, and dug tunnels or climbed the Berlin Wall. . At Sunday you can find vintage stuff at the fleemarket, or just chill and enjoy the weird performances at the Mauerpark. In 1990, more than 100 artists from over 20 countries decorated this stretch of the hinterland wall with their art works. Numerous events and exhibitions are taking place in Berlin around the anniversary, for which it is definitely worth coming to Berlin. With the formation of Greater Berlin in 1920, and the related district division, house numbers 1-50, on the south side of the street, would lie in the district of Mitte, which would later be part of the Soviet sector of Berlin, and house numbers 51-121. Sometimes the Berlin Wall is nothing more than a simple glittering brick on the ground to show where the Berlin Wall used. .

Mimmo and Gigi nearly wanted to stop, until they met Herschel. They began digging tunnel 29 in May 1962. The, east Side Gallery is the longest surviving section of the Berlin Wall. Location, berlin Wall Memorial, bernauer Straße 111/ Berlin, telephone 49 (30).